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Beacon Appraisal Fees & Services

Appraisal services and typical fees by appraisal type, effective January 1, 2016:

Appraisal Type Typical Fee
Single Family 1004  $500
2-4 Family  $650
Land  $350
Final Inspection  $150
Construction Progress Report  $150
Desk Review  $200
Field Review  $475
Field Review Multi-family  $650
Recertification of Value  $175
Recertification of Value with Final Inspection (simultaneous)  $225
Exterior 2055/2065  $425
Exterior 2070/2075  $225
Island Appraisals  $750
Single Family Rent Schedule 1007  $200
Operating Income 216  $50
Complex Properties  Call for Quote

NOTE: All fees are subject to change depending on size and location of property, traveling distance, and other factors.

Beacon Appraisal Turnaround Times

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